When an accusation of criminal conduct or a lawsuit is filed against you, it can be a case of grave results if you are unable to place your innocence in the hands of an experience and knowledgeable defense attorney. The choice of a defense attorney is a crucial one when it comes to defending your honour, reputation, and potentially your freedom. Marius du Toit is an attorney who boasts a wide range of experienced practice in various fields of law, as well as his own offices, which have a close association with the reputable Keith Sutcliffe and Associates.

Marius du Toit offers a wide range of legal services, with his experience as a defense attorney being only one of them. With experience in a diverse range of fields, he’ll be able to provide the necessary knowledge to allow him to perform his role as effectively as possible. If a client should require aid in a field with which Marius du Toit is not familiar, his office will be able to draw on their wide range of associate law firms to provide the necessary information. In this way, Marius du Toit strives to continually bring each of his clients the best possible service whilst simultaneously assuring that all necessary information is used to its best possible advantage.

Whatever your reason for needing the services of a defense attorney, Marius du Toit ought to be your primary choice in legal representation. His commitment to his work, as well as his clients, mean that his realm of trusted work relationships is ever increasing, allowing for the highest quality legal services available. To contact Marius du Toit, contact him on 012 664 9400 or e-mail marius@dtlwa.co.za.